Your Home is Under Contract - Now What?

Your Home is Under Contract - Now What?


               What next?

Usually during the option period (a specified number of days that the buyer has given compensation for to be able to back out of the contract for any reason) the buyer uses this time to have inspections on the home performed and to negotiate for seller paid repairs if needed.

As the seller you may be a little anxious about the upcoming surveys. Why not get ahead of the game by doing the following items to make sure your home is in its best shape for the inspections.

·        Fix the things that you notice i.e. broken windows, missing socket covers, dripping faucets and all appliances that are not working properly. If you know it is not working correctly go ahead and get it done.

·        If you have a maintenance agreement with your HVAC company, go ahead and have it inspected. Think about doing the same for your pool equipment and irrigation system.

·        Replace all lightbulbs that have gone out and check all smoke detectors. Replace batteries if needed.

·        Make sure that the inspector has adequate access to the electrical panel, attic, crawl space and all areas that need to be inspected. 

·        If you have a septic make sure that the lid is accessible and easy to find.

·        Clean the range and the oven so the inspector can test the heating elements.

·        On the inspection day be sure and leave. This gives the buyer time with the inspector to talk about potential issues without having to feel spied on.

·        If you have already moved, be sure and leave all the utilities on until closing day of the contract.

Preparation is the key to an easy inspection and an easier negotiation.