Gratitude Health

Gratitude Health

It seems like a cliché. This time of year, you hear over and over again how grateful people are for someone or something. The truth is it is more than a cliché. It is good for your health. According to Harvard Medical School giving thanks can make you happier and healthier. Being grateful helps you feel more positive, enjoy life experiences, improve your health, deal with adversity better and build stronger relationships.

Here are some ways to increase your gratitude and “pay it forward”.
  • Keep a gratitude journal – You will be able to go back and see what a wonderful life you have when you are feeling down.

  • Verbally acknowledge someone – say thank you, please, have a wonderful day!

  • Clean up after yourself in public as well as in private – it shows you respect other people’s space.

  • Don’t complain for 24 hours – you will have to stop yourself and realize how often you complain.

  • Write a thank you note – everyone enjoys receiving “real” mail.

  • Give back to your neighborhood or community – sharing your good fortune with others helps you as well as others.